The Kunstschalter e.V. was founded in 1993 by Ulrich Eichhorn-Riemenschneider, as an association for the organization of art, culture and socio-cultural projects in Cologne. The association construct was taken over in 2006 by his studio project, and renamed "Kunstwerk Köln".

In 2008 together with the social therapist Dr. Lothar Riemenschneider in Berlin he founded “Kunstschalter Berlin e.V.”. In this context, members in Berlin organize studios or exhibition spaces in public spaces.

Various cooperations with Berlin real estate companies and house owners as well as with the Federal Association of Visual Artists have led to the opening up of quite a few different commercial spaces in Berlin.

In the office of the BERLIN FINE ESTATE artists change every year which have chosen Berlin as a theme for their work.

"It is an aspect of an artist's position, to think for their life as others run or fight for their lives."  Walter Benjamin (German Jewish philosopher, cultural critic, essayist, 1892-1940)

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