Our Conduct of Work

The plots of land, commercial properties, residential and commercial buildings researched by the "Berlin Fine Estate" owner Ulrich Eichhorn-Riemenschneider throughout Berlin and some other places, get presented merely off-market and highly confidentially to a small group of private investors in the first sales step, and are generally deliverable. In this sales phase, the process is made as transparent as possible for the seller, and the prospective buyer has a few days to submit a bid without a larger group of investors already being aware of it.

In advance, we collect the documents required for the sale, if in doubt, also check the construction files in the relevant building authority and create detailed photo documentation of the property itself and the surrounding area.

Only in a second step - if required - the property gets presented to a larger group of investors. However, of course, also with these prospective buyers, preliminary talks often to mostly take place and are maintained over a number of years, during which their investment interest gets repeatedly clearly specified and their investment profile is adjusted to essential characteristics of their purchase profile. The aspired close and confidential cooperation with portfolio holders and investors makes it possible to speak openly about the special features of the properties offered, to process them in a strategically sensible way, especially when they are still in the acquisition process. Particularly in consideration of constantly changing market conditions, advice and evaluation adapted to this effect is necessary.

The direct and discreet way of working with the right investors turn out to make the brokerage of most diverse residential and commercial assets more reliable and efficient, it ensures a relaxed situation with recurring constituents and situations, enabling quick decisions, also because the sales channel via the Internet which tends to hold unpleasant surprises, remains avoided.

The value of this working policy also proves its worth when dealing with tenants and leaseholders, who in the best case scenario would not even notice the change of ownership, but is also helpful with financing inquiries. Also the acquisition of sites with and without a B-plan, with a long-term lease or as a building prospect can be checked and processed with the appropriate care. The same applies to the purchase of shares within a community of owners or a share deal.

Berlin Fine Estate stands for transparency and integrity towards everyone involved. We enable meetings at eye level and without bragging boastfully put-on value adds that often can turn out as unsustainable.

After our mediation, owners and tenants are positively surprised and relieved by the transparent and collegial handling of the shift in benefits and encumbrances. Building authorities and district officers can ideally refrain from making use of the right of first refusal. Communities of heirs and tenants are happy about a breath of fresh air, which ultimately also serves the interests of the public. We are happy to assist you engaged in real estate matters.

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