Ulrich Eichhorn-Riemenschneider

Ulrich Eichhorn-Riemenschneider

The learned glass engraver worked in Cologne as a freelance artist for more than 20 years. In the process, he transformed himself from an art desecrating, accessible creative into a curator of exhibitions of local artists, socio-cultural projects and a project manager with a focus on funding / sponsorship for cultural events and various NGOs.

After he founded Germany's largest artist-owned and –conducted studio house in Cologne-Deutz, from 1995 he developed from an originator and administrator of workshop rooms to become a canvasser for high-quality real estate investments in the apartment building sector.

The sensory and empathic abilities he deepened during the first 30 years of his professional life, today influence his communication and the handling of real estate with an aesthetic and substantive claim.

Since 2006 in Berlin he has developed a network of ethical and ambitious investors and service providers, whose values are more in the perseverance and reflection of worthy concepts and the joy of the creative process rather than in fast sale or the pure yield expectation.

Eichhorn-Riemenschneider is known for its high sensitivity and fair cooperation, in real estate as well as already in his projects for the terminally ill in the 90s. The awareness that social competence and persistent analysis provide sustainability and concordance, shape his contact in purchasing for European investors who want to acquire not only in the core area of Berlin primary locations according to market.

His discreet and restrained demeanour supports this meticulousness, and swiftly can allow, openness given, trust and encouragement. These qualities help him and his small team in the often difficult Berlin real estate jungle, at the office between Nollendorf- and Winterfeldt-platz in Berlin-Schöneberg, to separate wheat from the chaff.

Take on this level of calm and value-preserving marketing, make use of a sustainable relaxed and personal marketing, which is closer to an interpersonal mediation of investors than a pure real estate.

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